Excellent career opportunities

Every LRpartner can build up a career at LR. The will to succeed, perseverance and diligence are decisive. Numerous LR partners have fulfilled their dreams by these virtues.

The LR  remuneration system offers you unlimited earning opportunities. This system allows you to build up an attractive extra income with only ten hours of work per week. Your way to the top is virtually unlimited.

Whether extra income or career. Your commitment is decisive for success. An absolutely fair system!

Over 100,000 people around the globe work part-time for LR. The income you generate depends on the time you invest and on your commitment.

Versatile - high quality - simply good

; High-quality products, attractive prices are still a decisive criterion when making a purchase decision and high quality of advice and support

Monipuolinen - korkealaatuinen - todella loistava 

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